December 26, 2014

Why I like Facebook

The girl I grew up with who is separated for months at a time from her husband, who works so hard so far away on temporary jobs he can get doing his trade and providing for the family...all while their young child waits patiently for him to come home.  They struggle to make ends meet, but there is so much love and support in that family.  It makes me more compassionate toward a similar person of trade who comes to my house to do work. 

That friend who is grieving over a marriage that didn't work out, despite so much love and effort poured into it.  The lonely nights, panic over future, worry for the kids, struggle over time potentially wasted.  This life is not easy.  Some things are just out of our control. My heart breaks. 

The sweet family that was blindsided and is now fighting with all that is in them a cancer that is trying to beat their boy.  Why, God? To see the overflowing love and support from those near, but also the same from those far away.  People are good and we don't take our friends struggling lightly.  To get a small glimpse into their battle and fears, but also their hope and awe inspiring fight.  To learn from their pleas to live life moment of every day.  We won't give up.  Such inspiration and admiration.

The single mom who is juggling so many responsibilities and barely hanging on.  One thing after another.  Doesn't seem to get a break. Teenage struggle, caregiver struggle, financial struggles.  The daily grind, seemingly all alone.  When will it get better?  I pray soon.

The acquaintance who lost a dear friend to a terrible disease, but made something good out of it.  Creating a foundation to help others, like those they met along the way, to make the time a little easier.  To ease a little bit of the enormous burden.  Such good coming from such pain and heartache.

The friends reunited over break with their kids who have been away at college.  So proud of their accomplishments, but prayerfully on their knees every night for them while they are away.  It is hard to let go.

The friend from childhood, who struggled big time.  Who I feared may not make it.  Who almost didn't make.  Who literally hit rock bottom, trying to end it all.  Who called out and heard from God.  Who is a living miracle and doesn't want to waste a minute now living life good and helping others.  Who has an amazing family and is an amazing dad.  Wow.  Nothing is impossible.

The quiet ones who typically don't say much, but you see how kind and funny and talented they are.

The families I don't even know personally, but I see their story.  Their daily battle.  They  handle it with such dignity.  Not perfection, but grace and truth.  The good, the bad, the ugly.  The love and support and desperation of those that want to help, even if in some small way.

The one who lost so much I never thought they would recover.  I never thought they would heal.  But here they are, living life good.  Amazing.  Encouraging.  People are brave and strong and resilient.  We can get through more than we ever could have imagined.

The ones who are still in the middle of it now.  Still deep in the sting and pain of one of life's blows.  It feels like the pain and loss will never end.  Prayers.

Good things too...the kids winning soccer tournaments, fresh strats, new careers, catching the big fish, going on a first prom, new babies, sharing a funny joke, getting a driver's licence, starting the first day of school, just hanging out.  Just life.  It is good too.

To know a little more than what we might just see on the surface.  It makes me more aware.  More compassionate.  More thoughtful.  More deliberate.  Less judgemental.

I cry and question and pray with you. I am also amazed and inspired and motivated by you.

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