October 13, 2012


Before every soccer game, Sam has us listen to "Life is a Highway" (not sure how that became our pre-game theme song).  Go Sharks!

October 12, 2012


Now that Maddie is taking Latin, here are the texts I get from her...

Friday school

We've been meeting the Hudson's at Panera on Fridays for school.  Beautiful day for Friday school outside today...
Had to share Jake's practice of the presidents for the week.  Love that President Kinity...

October 9, 2012

October 7, 2012

Visit with Nana & Gramps

Super fun weekend with Nana & Gramps!  Good food, football watching and fun.  Of course it always closes with a breakfast...today Jake enjoyed a chocolate milk from Cool Moose!

Afterwards Maddie and I decided to walk/run the bridges.  One of these days I'll be able to keep up with her!