June 29, 2012

VBS & Mission Possible

The kids had an amazing week at church...Jake at Vacation Bible School and Maddie at TNT Mission Possible.  What a wonderful week full of great messages and lessons for the kids.

June 24, 2012

Lazy, rainy day

Watching a little Olympic trials during a rain storm.  Ahhh...

June 22, 2012

June 21, 2012

Good day...

Love the ride home from the library with a new batch of good books.  You can't even wait until you get home to start reading....

... followed by cuddling in bed next to me while I work.  Jake said, "I love you so much. How could I ever live without you?"

When I checked on the kids before bed, Maddie was almost done with her book and I was surprised to see Jake still up and reading...well maybe not up.

June 16, 2012

June 10, 2012

The Diabetics:)

Maddie and Sam were just chatting about always having Diabetes together. To which I reminded them a cure will come soon!

It is such a blessing to have Sam to be there to help Maddie transition and learn about managing her diabetes.  She really has the best attitude and I think a lot of it has to do with Sam.

June 7, 2012

Last day of school

Today is the end of a great school year.  Maddie's teachers were amazing and she had a wonderful year.  God definitely placed them in her life.  One of her teachers even has type 1 diabetes so she was wonderful with Maddie for her last few weeks at school.  She tells Maddie that "girls with diabetes rock"!

Jake also had a wonderful year, with the sweetest teacher.  Here was his end of year card to her:

We ended the year with lunch with sweet friends to celebrate!

June 3, 2012

When in doubt, head to the beach...

This was the first weekend day in a long time we had nothing to do.  At first we were so excited for a day of nothing.  That lasted almost an hour.  So we decided to hit the beach.  Gramps came with us.  He was made for the beach.