August 13, 2012

Living Proof Live Girls Weekend

I got to spend the weekend with Maddie at a Beth Moore Living Proof live event.  We flew to Atlanta (Maddie's first plane ride) to stay with an old friend, Lavonda, and her daughter, Emily.  We spent the night in Atlanta and all rode together the next day to Knoxville for the event.  The event was Friday night and Saturday morning.  It was such a special time to get to spend with Maddie.  She really loved the event and took lots of notes.  Afterwards the ladies that follow Beth Moore's blog are invited to stay for a photo.  When Beth Moore walked into the room, she went right up to Maddie and grabbed her face to say hello. 

We had a long wait at the airport before flying back home (just missed an earlier flight, so were there for three + hours).  We took this time to have our "girls talk".  It was an incredible weekend!  While we were gone Sam and Jake had a fun guys weekend too...Adventure Landing (water park), Mandarin Mill (putt putt and batting cages), and a Jaguar preseason game.  Although we all had fun, it is nice to all be back together again as a family.

Here is the video recap of the event (Maddie and I are in it at 4:10!)...

My notes from the sessions are in a separate post.

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